Today I had to pick up a lot of cat food, so my pet sitters would have plenty of kitty chow while I am gone. I did buy one large bag at ALCO for $10, but that is fair enough - i set aside money for them for that each month. What is nice is that everything I by at ALCO gives me points for free rewards money. So I really prefer to shop at a place that does that. I end up spending those rewards on more cat food!

I also picked up five little cat food bags for FREE at CVS, just by using my CVS extra bucks. I had $20 in extra bucks to spend, PLUS the cat food was several dollars off from being on sale.

If anyone can get to CVS by Saturday night, there is a great sale where if you buy $30 of product (they tell you which things apply), you get a $10 gift card free. If you buy mostly food, or things you need anyway, it is an excellent system for getting free CVS gift cards that you can use any way you like.