Went to Matane to pick up my glasses and spent money in a few places while there, I did go to Ardene which is one of my favorite store but I did not have money to spend there (technically i had but had to think of the money i have to spend the next month) there was this awesome pair of jeans but there was only one available and it was not in my size thankfully so because I would of bought them since they looked awesome.

First I spent 44,58$ at Wal*Mart (15,86$ for an Elmo who gives kisses and hugs [i was careful to make sure it was the real Elmo...dont want anything to do with the new voice] 4,97$ twice for 30 facial cleansers from Pond's 4,97$ for a face cream from Pond's 4,00$ twice for a back sponge cleaner), 14,85$ at Dollorama (1,25$ 3 times of 6 little boxes of incense, 1$ for a little jelly teddy that you squeeze [it also has a little thing inside] 0,69$ for an Aero bar, 1$ for silk paper, 1$ for a big page of Sesame Street stickers, 2$ for a box and 1$ 4 times for Chef Boyardee microwavable meals [took 4 different ones...not the best food but when youre hungry a little its fast]), 61,66$ at Jean Coutu (2,99$ twice for 2 different types of sanitary napkins, 6,99$ for a box of chocolates, 15,49$ for gummy calciums, 5,19$ for toothpaste, 7,99$ for a toothbrush and 11,99$ for a 240ml Glycerodermine), 6,98$ at Les Aliments M&M (2 poutines...i told the people there that if its good ill try other things [that made them laugh] its a frozen food store...they also told me that now we can go 1 place in Amqui and we can order there where they deliver the orders every 2 weeks so thats cool) and 17,20$ at KFC (3 poutines and 1 family size gravy).