Today I paid my cell phone bill (46,05$...was billed twice but thats because they decided to change the charge date...was on the 22 now its on 17...will have to check that correctly next month on my Visa bill) then bought fifteen things at the Familiprix of Causapscal (preffer the bank there instead of in Amqui...its bigger in Amqui but the 1 in Causaspacal is nearer and better in my opinion) for a total of 36,97$ (15,99$ for body lotion [its 1 of those base creams with not a lot of ingredients...i thought about trying this type of cream for a while since it cost a lot...saw the name brand was on sale so figured ok will try it...would be cool to add oils to make different lotions...if its non greasy i might try it] + 3,99$ for hand soap [i have many bottles waiting aside but that 1 was new and it had a cute thingy {looks like 3 does have a cute face} on it...that was a sale] + 3,43$ for 7 packs of Juicy Fruit + 8,74$ for 6 packs of Trident [6 different ones]