I just paid my satellite bill by credit card on the phone (had to because i received it yesterday and monday is the last day...not too sure that i can go to the bank then so did not take any chance). It was 199,29$ but I had 5,75$ (should be 5$) credited and it was taken out before I gave my credit card number. For some reason on May 20 they added four channels (Hollywood Suite...when it arrived on Bell i checked it out the free month and every channels were censored and i hate censorship so i did not add them...finally there was a free preview and now 3 [still havent seen a movie i know on the other with the f word in it...it should be like the others but before i see a new movie i want to be 100% sure] do not censor so i want them) and I was charged for them even with the free preview until May 31. He has never seen anything like that (that has happened a lot since i moved here) because the client has to call and ask for the channels for it to be added to your television. I asked if they had like psychics or witches that could enter the heads of their clients and that's not what happened, LOL. Now only one channel (before it never interested me but now that they changed the name like 25% of their shows interest me...ill wait and then ask what $ it is and if its less than 5$ ill get it) and the porn channels, the channels of the languages I don't speak and the sports I don't watch I do not have.