I just paid the satellite bill by phone with a credit card, my parents were supposed to take care of that but lately I have been checking them carefully (should of woke up about that earlier than a few months ago since they have stolen my savings), today was the last day so I told my mom (my dad is off somewhere outside) that this is in my name and just now she decided to tell me that it was almost always paid late! They're probably jealous of me since I have a good name and have always paid my bills fully and on time so they wanted me to be like them without a good name. So now my mom is angry at me, I'm used to her acting like a baby so I don't care anymore. They did it so sneaky too because I had taken that bill out last week when they went out to run errands and they had put it where they put the paid bills so I thought it was done, now I have 0% trust in these two people and I know 100% that when I am out of here they will not know my phone number and address.