I spent money in four places today, it would of been more if I could of found more of the discontinued face products I use (we are NEVER told in advance when products are discontinued!!!!!!!!!), only two of one were left (Nivea for normal to combo skin). 34,79$ at the Familiprix of Causapscal (2 boxes of calciums [these too are discontinued...i wont cry about them though] and 2 packages of towels for washing the face [so at least thats 25 days of soap]), 3,16$ at the Familiprix of Amqui (pills), 8,05$ at Dollorama (1 thing twice for my mom [she had given me the money when i left] 1 box of 4 nail polish and 1 nail polish) and 64,38$ for waxing (today i added the face in addition of half legs arms and underarms).