debbie, that's a great inexpensive day. i LOVE the dollar store. It almost feels like not shopping at all, or like you aren't using real money. It's a giddy feeling! But for reals, if I keep tossing everything I like into a basket, it does add up, doesn't it? I have to keep reminding myself to put things back!

I went to a dollar store today, and to a thrift store that was having a 50% off sale.

At thrift store
.25 staple opener + misc folder clips
.50 ace bandage, lg, for first aid kit
1.00 vintage black enamel skillet
5.00 my big splurge - a table fan that uses only 15 watts! WOW. That is almost negligible in watts! I feel so silly being all excited over fans, but I really am going to go start a thread on fans right now. Me = watt geek.

At dollar store
$6 six gallon size bins to hold my rice and noodles
$1 grabby thingie for when I go picking up recyclables from in the bushes (out here bushes have spines!)
$1 set of four square food container things that will fit in my dorm fridge (to encourage me to cook my eggs/veggies and set them aside as meals for later in the week)
$1 - car USB port
$1 - kindle foldable LED light

And some food that I used food stamps with, plus i got two boxes of food from the food bank tonite. smile

So expense-wise, $16.75 today. A big day for me. The fan was an unplanned expense, but with the low watt use I expect to get that money back. smile Also, it was half price... wink