After visiting family for an overnight stay and a whole day in New Jersey, my husband and I spent nothing - they wouldn't take anything.

However, our girls are staying the week in NJ and they dropped us off at home. My husband invited me to dinner (just the 2 of us) in Soho, NY to a restaurant that one of his clients owns. After a few blocks of walking, we found the place. We drew money out of an ATM because it was a cash only was heaving with people!!

Suddenly, my husbands friend/owner came up from the cellar helping with the garbage and saw him. There was a 1 hour wait for seating. He got us seated at the bar where we ate succulent bbq shrimp and spicy garlic butter clams.

The check came back to us with $0.00. It was free. We tipped the bartender $15.00. The bill was $31.00. He was a happy camper and so were we! smile Sometimes, it's good to have friends!

We shall return. The restaurant was The Crab Boil in Soho, Manhattan if you're down that way. Awesome food and be prepared to wait a bit, They close at 11 p.m.