I thought it would be expensive too but since eyebrows is not a big surface it's not too bad. Of course when you start it is every week and you have more so then it costs more.

Depending on how much the insurance company will give me I may get electrolysis done for the rest of my face. If I get a big amount I will use it to move (out of this province probably) and if it is a huge amount I probably will go one year in Dallas with season tickets for the Stars. If it's not a big or huge amount but not too small I may be able to also get the bikini area done too (all of it - front and back) for this I think I will have to get laser then if some is left to get the rest by electrolysis.

My ultimate dream will be to only have my eyebrows line, eyelashes and hair on my head.

The coolest thing would be to become rich so I can do all that cool!