Today I spent 47,38$ at Familiprix in Causapscal (4,99$ for a 2/1 shampoo 3,99$ [2 times] for q-tips 1,59$ for a lypsyl 4,79$ [2 times] for toothpaste 8,29$ [2 times] for face wash and 0,49$ for gum........i only technically needed the face wash [have some until tuesday] and after deciding to buy 2 to have more in advance i figured to buy other things i use everyday to have more in advance [every things had at least 1 in advance] the gum i took because i was hungry and anyway i hadnt had that brand in a few years + the things in advance were all on sale...saw that when i went to get them after deciding to do that so that was a nice idea!!).