I sure can.
Yes, there are ukuleles that are pre-amped to be played just like an electric guitar. Taylor Swift performs with one.

I love instrumental, I can sing a bit, but I really enjoy just playing around with the notes and strumming and I would love to learn what is called Clawhammer, a lot of picking and whatnot. I have never played an instrument in my life, I don't know how to read music, but I picked up the uke and was playing it an hour later. I think it's a wonderful instrument for kids, and it's economical, even the amped ones. Let's see the strings going down are

Goofy Cats Eat Avocados
(G C E A) I believe these follow piano notes. Don't quote me!!!!!

When they are in tune you can sing "My Dog Has Fleas"!

Oops, I should tell you there is a fourth bigger ukulele with four strings called a Baritone. That is what Beatles played on at times when the came to America. I think it's tuned to the four lowest strings of the guitar.

I look for Pop Music as well and I can do a great "Rainbow Connection"!!!!!
I also write my own silly songs.

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