Too true, Karen! There's almost no excuse to buy new appliances. I prefer to keep usable things in the use cycle, instead of in the waste stream. We can all help do better in this.

Nancy, good deals at your pharmacy!

Yesterday we picked up a few things at the dollar store for the kitchen and laundry room, and I found some useful things for my office at goodwill.

The day before I found an entire bed for $50 on Craigslist. Metal frame, box spring, two mattresses and full bedding. I have a very nice nest now.

It all smelled a little like smoke, but i aired it all out, washed the bedding, and sprayed the heck out of my dollar store Fabrese on it all.

There were nicer bed sets for $200-$225, but i couldn't see spending that. i already had a nice memory foam pad to top it all off with anyway. ;