Nancy -

There definitely is a line crossed when someone puts bills into your name without your permission. Never mind when someone outright takes money out of your bank account.

I would shut down all accounts that they have access to. As an adult, no other person should have legal access to your accounts, not even family members. That is, I have a mother who is alive. Even though she is my mother, she has no legal access to my bank account. If she tried to do something to my bank account, the bank would not let her.

So I would shut down accounts that they were given access to, and create new ones which are explicitly in your name only.

If it was me, I would shut down any accounts like the satellite account that had my name on it. If they want it, they can create their own account in their name. You can even tell the satellite company that you want a note on the account that they are not to make one in your name because it would be fraud.

On the other hand, if it really is you using this account, then I would put it fully in your name and retain full control over it. Set it up with auto-pay so you are in control of it.

Does Canada offer free yearly credit reports. We have that in the US. So once a year I run my credit report and see everything on it in my name. I highly recommend you do that.

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
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