Okee dokee. I used my free extra bucks and register rewards and got some freebies. I did miscalculate a little and had to shell out two dollars and seven cents at walgreens, though.

The trick with walgreens register rewards is that you have to have an item for every coupon/register reward. So with five RRs you have to have five items. So i was forced to run around and find three filler items to use all the RRs.

If this sounds complicated, that's because it is. smile

CVS Extra Bucks are MUCH easier to redeem. You can stack them all together for just one item if you wanted. But then, it's easier to earn Register Rewards than Extra Bucks. So there is sort of a trade off.

Next time I will take more time (they were about to close tonite) and figure out how to walk out of there without opening the wallet at all.

I have another handful of RRs ($12) to use up by thursday, so I will come back and report on that.