Today I spent money in two places in Amqui. 18,71$ at Familiprix (5,41$ for my pills 3,99$ for shaving cream [i still will wax...this is for my face....i spent a few years not caring about the little white hairs but now i cant take them anymore...i shaved my entire face for years so its nothing new...hopefully 1 day i will have money for electrolysis {sp???} because im doing my eyebrows like that and its awesome] 5,99$ for an electric toothbrush and 1,59$ for a lypsyl [finally have 3 again...i used to always have 1 for the morning 1 for the day [apply it 2 more times during the day] and 1 for night but when the day 1 ended i just used the night 1 then the day is almost gone and the day/night too...with 2 previously bought in 2 different times i now have 3 again...will wait until they are all done to use 3 again) and 49,44$ for waxing (full arms, underarms and half legs).