Just bought two things on DERMAdoctor (1 Total NonScents Ultra-Gentle Antiperspirant at 22$ + 1 Gorilla Warfare Hair Minimizing Facial Moisturizer at 53$ - shipping of 9,95$ - total is 84,95$).

I'll get a facial in February and decided to try that face cream in between two facials. I always wondered if creams like that actually works. Normally I shave my entire face (except of course the sides of the eyes + nose + forehead) but I stopped a few months ago (just take out the black hairs with a tweezer) but I will start again on the night of the facial, I will start with the cream the next day and will use it morning and night until my next facial.

The deodorant is the best out there so it is worth the price, I discovered it many years ago and it was always 20$ until now but even if it was more than 30$ I would still buy it.

They give rewards which means discounts but since I always just buy the deodorant and I only need two bottles a year I never get to use them (it expires 90 days later) but if I decide to have my second facial so far away that I need at least one more bottle it will cost me less, if not then it will again be wasted. At the start other items from other brands was sold on the website but it all stopped years ago, of course back then they did not give points frown.