After much thought i decided there's no reason I can't lie in bed as long as i need to. I have the laptop and the AC on and the windows open to view the red rocks of sedona and the flagstaff peaks. And the mogollon rim and the limestone cliffs above the verde river. Right from my bed. I am looking right at them.

If I feel too sad and out of it to get up and be 'productive' - then to heck with it. I will relax, read, enjoy my pets lying around me, and take a pain killer to release the tension in my body (esp my head and my jaw).

Just FYI for those not reading other threads, i put my sick baby kitty down this weekend. Since no one is coming over to do my dishes and make me a casserole and sit with me, then I will just enjoy lying here in cool comfort with pretty views and my stress sponges (dog and other kitten).