Sheri -

The forgiving-your-daughter issue is a really big one so I made an entire thread about it -


that is SO hard to do - but so critical for your health.

On finding time for writing, I've read biographies of several writers and in pretty much every case they began by being really stressed and having no time to write. They had to literally set their alarm clock an hour early to wake up and squeeze in some writing before their hectic day began. They had to struggle to squish in the time - but it was something they felt very strongly about and they literally "made" the time.

There are all sorts of tricks to getting in time to write, is this fiction or non-fiction writing? I'll start a thread for you in the matching forum! We can definitely help you make that time and enjoy it smile

And then hopefully if you are able to forgive your daughter and find time to write each day, that will help you to feel content about the space you're in - and make plans to improve things going forwards!

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