This is a great topic! I was on my way to finding a centered place, then school ended and I have 2 boys at home smile My schedule is nonexistent. I have to share my laptop until the PC gets up and running smoothly (DH cobbled one together from bits and pieces).

I feel like there are so many "have to dos" that I don't get to the "want to dos" like writing, photography and all those other things. (I actually just found a drawing pad and watercolor pencils I bought myself two years ago that I never even cracked open!)

I used to wait until they were asleep to do these things, but at 8 and 10 some nights I'm done in before them smile And my 10 yr old loves to talk, so he doesn't just watch TV or read while I write or whatever. He follows me and TALKS! Sometimes I joke that I need a sensory deprivation tank at the end of the day.