At a seminar, we were given 1 minute to go on a vacation.

The speaker had us close our eyes and keep them shut until she told us to open them.

We were supposed to imagine a place that we loved to be. We were instructed to use our 5 senses - we should "hear" the familiar sounds in the area, we should "taste" any food that we had eaten, we should revisit the "feel" of anything we touched, we were to "see" everything all over again, "smell" everything that you remember.

For example, if a favorite memory is sitting in your grandmother's overstuffed chair eating chocolate pie, you would retaste and resmell the pie. You would refeel the way that chair felt. You would rehear background noises - maybe the ticking of a clock... You would resee the rug or the floor, the chair and anything else that helped bring back that memory.

If you were to stop doing what you are doing right now and set an audible kitchen timer for one minute - you would see it is a long time!

Perfect for a little mini-vacation.

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