You know, I've been without a center for so long, it seems weird to think that I'm actually in a rather centered state... For the past 8 years, if it wasn't one thing it would be something else: I've had health issues that no-one faces until they're middle aged -- which lead doctors to misdiagnose and then not want to treat because I'm "just too young to have THAT," I've had more than my fair share of [censored] jobs and evil bosses, had the joy of an arranged marriage... And, yet, here I sit, strangely contented.

That's not to say life isn't crazy, but it's funny -- suddenly all the wonderful things around me are coming to the surface again. We bought a wonderful condo, in a wonderful (quiet, serene, full of nature) neighborhood, with great neighbors... I'm working something like 3 jobs, plus trying to start my own thing, and writing for bella.... The hubby and I are revelling in every minute we can spend with our cats in our travel trailer... And, even through 3 grueling play productions in 1 month -- which, I think might actually be enough to make me tell someone "NO" in the future -- I survived, I'm getting back into my routine, and I'm still cheerful!

I wish I could say what had changed... Maybe it would help you guys through your craziness... But, since I can't say I know, I hope that what ever it was changes for you guys soon... So that your craziness can be met head on, and you guys come out on the calm end soon.

Cindy Kessler
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