Thanks, Jilly & Lisa! Actually, last night after I wrote that message, DH had a talk with our friend and told her she couldn't live with us if she didn't have a job. That was the BIG thing I was upset about. I believe in working. I was raised that way. And after you have a child, well....

So guess what, this morning she's up bright and early and going off to find a job. Don't know if she'll find one or not, but it got her moving. He also told her we have a deadline for her to be out, by the time school goes back here. This morning, as she was leaving, I asked her when her daughter's school went back, and she said, "August 9th." I says, "Hmmm, that's hardly little over a month away." Just to give her the reminder that her time is slipping away.

Oh, Cate, I really relate to the "dread" thing. I've been like that too and trying to change. I think I spend more time on putting off doing something than I actually spend just doing it. I'm the queen of procrastination! I think one of my problems is that I KNOW I can work under stress really well. So I push myself to do projects at the last minute. Maybe it's the adrenaline that I like.

But, as you said, "Therefore, my challenge is to be joyful in all my circumstances and thankful for all my blessings, versus focusing on what I don't like or don't want or what is going wrong," that sounds a lot more peaceful to me, and I'm going to see if I can get this under better control. Thanks for posting that. It REALLY helped me.