Kriss -

I imagine that will be a fun but emotional change! Virginia is REALLY pretty, and you can make all sorts of new friends, have a whole ton of new places to see and visit. I know you'll miss the twins, but think that they'd be off in college soon anyway, so they would be off away from home somewhere distant at that point. So this is just like an "early college".

Luckily with the internet you can keep in touch on an hourly basis - I email my dad and mom and son far more than I ever saw them in person. In fact you sometimes learn more about someone emailing them than talking in person (or at least learn different things about them).

There will be a lot of challenges you'll hit as you move in - especially cleaning and organizing I imagine - but we're here to help with those! I used to move every year for many years in a row, so just post away if you get stuck on something and we'll get you unstuck smile

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
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