Great point about de-stressing for ten minutes, Lisa. However, for many women who are trying to achieve balance in life rushing from activity to activity, ten minutes might be difficult. Let's try five minutes to cultivate a relaxation response. And by the way make sure to practice relaxation during the good times, as in this way you will have a knee-jerk reaction during the rough times when you need it most. Since one size does not fit all, here are some suggestions: Deep breathing (try inhaling and exhaling through your nose, making the exhalation longer), visualization where you are in a happy place and you give yourself a special affirmation, a five minute burst of exercise (just put on the music and move) or a spot of humor. Cultivate your own ritual and have fun with it. Try out different screen savers or experiment with essential oil fragrances which relax you. Stress will always land on your doorstep, but you don't have to open the door!

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