Firstly, I am happy! I have a great life, beautiful home and wonderful husband.

But there are lots of things happening in my life which are causing me to be up-tight! I feel just so out of control and not much I can do to control any of these things.

(1) I was asked by one of my client companies to apply for a national marketing manager position but the job, despite me doing much of it remotely, will probably go to someone who lives in the head office city. That's ok by me but if it does go to someone else then I will probably lose the work I do contractually for this company and it is the majority of our income.
(1a)I am not getting recognition for the huge amount of work I have done for them much of which has been taken over or copied in-house.
(2) The company hasn't paid 7 of my last invoices. I have chased them and they will pay next week - but it is putting us in a bit of tight position because:
(3) We are settling on the purchase of a Pizzeria in a week's time. My son will live in and run it, but the bank wouldn't lend us quite enough money so we have to dig into our savings and will probably have no leeway should anything get tight.
(4) My husband and I will have to work in this Pizzeria more than we planned because we probably won't have the income upon which the loan was based, so we'll have to replace some of the staff so we have personal income to pay the loan.
(5) Menopause is still driving me nuts after 8 years with sleepless nights and numerous hot flushes and probably mood swings, not to mention the tiredness and weight gain which is highly uncomfortable.

These things come on top of a lot of other things in the past 2 years. (sudden death of a beloved brother, husband kidney & tumour removal, sale of our other business, living in temporary accommodation and then travelling because we couldn't get back into our own home, the tenants left our property with about $13,000 of repairs but they got their bond back and our insurance company said it was all wear and tear, and we had to fight another real estate agent (through the court) for our deposit on a property that the owners made too hard to buy by putting the price up $30,000 after signing a contract with us)

I think I'm just tired.....