Hi, Yes, I was reminded a few days ago of how much it helps to be in a place (physical place) that is relaxing when you are writing. If you are surrounded by relaxation, you can think more clearly and get more done more quickly. It's easier to focus. I had gone to a "green expo" at a housing development (a country club)that was being held in the clubhouse. They were giving advice on how to make your home more efficient and also clean for the environment - or you could buy one of their houses that they are in the process of building - all of which are entirely eco-friendly.

In their lobby - overlooking flowing water and surrounded by the silouettes of mountains on a blue sky - they offered a bank of computers with Internet. Sitting in that comfortable room, with peace and quiet and the perfect room temperature, plenty of light and space around - with light-colored, casual but elegant interior decorating - I was really zenned in to what I was writing about. Your surroundings can reduce your stress and help you get more done even if you only have 10 minutes. Maybe each individual has a certain type of physical environment that is more conducive for reducing stress.

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