Bettyann that is AWESOME news! It sounds like you handled that perfectly! I agree completely, if someone needs money, they should find a way to work. There are lots of jobs out there. They're not all glamorous, but they help pay the bills.

It definitely makes sense for her to be settled in a new place for when school starts.

I definitely understand the "get a jolt from stress" idea. A lot of us get hung up on that stress, the excitement, the trauma. We think that stress is "good" because it's high energy. But really, humans work so much more clearly and smoothly and productively when we're "in the zone". Some people think a revolution works best - but revolutions are violent, and often don't solve anything. Changes that happen peacefully, with everyone working together, are the ones that tend to stick and create long lasting success.

It's easy to get addicted to great highs - and then deal with the great lows that follow. If instead you find a strong, even keel, it is SO much more powerful. It's just like blood sugar. It's easy to love the sugar highs - but once you see how nice it is to have a smooth, even ride, you realize how deceptive the previous way was.

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