Wow! Sometimes, just reading what someone else is going through, makes you want to relax and look at your own life for a moment.

We all experience different things in different ways. And we handle things differently. Yet, if we don't take the time to get quiet and really tune into our inner self and tune everything else out, there will always be chaos--I know from experience.

I really should be sleep right now! But, I have had a lot of stress on my plate lately. And you know what a good friend reminded me of today? That I am not alone. That, there are people in my life that love me, and if I need to unburden myself, they are there.

Sometimes we get caught up in being every one else's caretaker, and we forget to take care of ourselves. We also have a tendency to be scared of change. But sometimes,life calls for a change: a change of scenery, a change of positions, a change of attitude, a change in the way we do things.

You know what I'm learning? To let people in. I am not a superhero! I cannot do everything all the time, and be everything to everyone. Especially at the expense of myself. If I don't take care of me, then I cannot help anyone else.

That ten minute break is excellent! And, you sure hit it right on the head, Lisa! For me, worrying about XXX number of pounds, on top of all the other things! For what? If I concentrate on the negative, I don't have room for the positive!

Ten minutes sounds refreshing! My gram used to power nap! She was a beautician, and when I'd work in the salon, she'd tell me to keep an eye on everything, she was taking a 15 minute power nap! Sometimes, she wouldn't sleep, just rest her eyes and her thoughts, she would say. After her fifteen minutes, she was totally refreshed and ready for another four or five hours! She truly amazed me!

Well, I gather this was my rest. Writing is quite cathartic for me. It helps me to unwind! So, thanks for this wonderful thread!
I hope everyone gets the rest they need, and reaches their goals this summer!

My goals this summer? Publishing my first novella and novel under my own publishing company, losing weight, and becoming more familiar and comfortable with all the tools that Bella has to offer!

Blessings and good night!

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