The biggest thing for me this past year has been avoiding dread.

I used to dread everything. It would bind me up to the point of procrastination.

Now I refuse to dread. If I don't want to do it but have to do it, oh well. The sooner started, the better. And when I go into it with a better attitude I always find it wasn't bad as I thought it was going to be.

After really thinking through, I also realized that a lot of my dread comes from being afraid of losing control, a leftover from my type-A OCD that I'm now recovering from. I realized that the one thing I CAN control is my attitude!

Therefore, my challenge is to be joyful in all my circumstances and thankful for all my blessings, versus focusing on what I don't like or don't want or what is going wrong.

Getting rid of dread has been HUGE for me this year. It's allowed me to get so much done. No more procrastinating. And I'm a lot happier. Just ask my family.

:-) Cate