Sheri - I take it you work from home? If so, I have similar problems because people do not respect your work space or your work time.

I often have kids home from college (who invite all their other college friends which is great most of the time) also kids with major exams and events and all of a sudden it is not just the odd day that gets taken up, but you realise that in fact you have something in the way of your writing every day! of a particular week. Now that Is depressing!

I'm afraid you will have to be quietly assertive and actually verbalise the fact that no, you don't appreciate unsolicited company,you are not bored but actually very busy!

Either that, or just wonder (like me) whether working from home is actually such a good idea after all. Grab a notebook/laptop and head out the door to a park/beauty spot for the day - all by yourself to write - bliss!

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