I am very interested in the idea of the stress ripples. One stone tossed in a pond sends ripples to each shore, which sends ripples back...and on and on until stillness is found. provided there are no other stones, but let's keep things easy.

I am still working on the one stone. Last night this third car broke down, since getting the fluids and basic parts has not been a priority yet. I am very lucky that my first breakdown prepared me to not repeat history. And I am on the verge of having a dr appt and hopefully long term dr clinic relationship. I am on the verge of having the time to join food banks and find a church for emotional life support. At some point a ripple will help me find some kind of mental health care.

When these kinds of Maslow's Basic needs can be met, then i will really be able to tackle my life priorities and also figure out exactly the balance between work and play.

Right now it seems I have little time for work OR play. It's all just dealing with ripples.