Felicity - wow, you definitely have a ton on your plate! Definitely I wouldn't discount your "I'm tired" thought - if we don't get enough sleep, we can't deal with problems as easily as we might otherwise. But even if you were fully rested and fresh in the morning, you still have a *ton* of things to juggle.

Losing a job is always a rough thing, no matter how it happens. It sounds like you are doing a good job of preparing for that event and have a road map laid out of what you will do. It may actually be a really good thing, long term - freeing your time and energy up for something better. You're not getting recognition from them. They're not paying your bills on time. They are causing you a lot of stress. By not having them in your life, it will mean something MUCH better CAN come into your life.

So yes, certainly get your invoices paid! And if it does end up being a parting-of-the-ways, let us know and we'll throw a big celebration for you. A "Cleansing of the spirit" celebration where you are free to pursue your dreams. It is so important to realize when these things have a positive part!

That is AWESOME that you will be a pizzeria owner!! Talk about a dream job for many people! You will be the neighborhood hot spot!! When you get the final sales, post about that in the SOHO forum and we will all celebrate! I'm sure we can all brainstorm for you on ways to get free publicity, we can do some free graphic work for you, and get things started. I am sure if we all work together that it will be a roaring success!

And when it is, you will have fun working there because everyone will love it. It'll be like Cheers where everybody knows your name. Plus you'll make an income from it. So it can be the best decision you've ever made smile

On the menopause, I have several friends who are going through that so I know it's not easy. Hopefully our menopause forum is helping with that!

So I think you are in an AWESOME place. Your learning experience troubles are behind you. You are now in a great home, you are about to take on a REALLY cool business and leave behind one that was using you. We will help you thrive even better smile

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
Low Carb Forum