Hi Lisa,

I hadn't put things into that perspective but it is an excellent idea. I'm like some of the others here in that 2008 ended with a lot of unfinished business. My daughter is separated from her husband and it is tearing my grandsons apart which in turn is tearing me apart. I left my job in Nov. to pursue other things that seemed so clear at the time but now all seem a little overwhelming. I have told my friends in the past over and over that God never closes a door without opening a window. Reading through all the responses I realize I need to calm down! Time for me to believe what I tell others and take 10 minutes every day for myself to calm down and put it all in perspective for that day instead of trying to make a lifetime worth of decisions in the 10 minutes before I go to sleep every night. Thanks for helping me see that I can't possibly solve all my dilemmas in one day! I once read the following but then apparently promptly forgot it!

For peace of mind, resign as general manager of the universe. ~ Author Unknown blush

Deborah Pipas, Disabilities Editor
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