Hello everyone!
I feel like I have found a new home! I'm a single Mom of 2 sons, my youngest is 8 and is autistic and non-verbal, my oldest is 11 and has aspergers. I have been divorced since our youngest was just a few months old. My x was a unfaithful too.
I have moved 7 times between 3 states trying to get my youngest the best help possible, we have been met with limited success, but all improvements are a step in the right direction. I just feel so desperate to hear his little voice and it still breaks my heart everyday that he can't talk to me. I think I am dealing with things a little better these days.
I would love to have a new husband.... but I suppose the kind of man I would need to take this on with me are few and far between, he is out there somewhere... but just maybe not in the USA. Ha Ha.
I am so glad I found this site, finally a place I can go and talk to others who are doing this alone. I have also felt like my son is the only one who is non verbal, that is a very lonely feeling, now I know I am not alone. Thanks! Hope to hear from you all soon.