I don't care for Dr. Phil and from what I saw on his primetime special awhile back I would not want him to talk about autism. He is clueless on a lot of things and I put him in the same category as Dr. Laura.

Oprah is not interested in the autism community, there has been large campaigns to write into her show and get the focus on autism and nothing materialized.

I also would not want her involved. I think instead of people placing such importance on Oprah they need to recognize those that have showcased Autism and send them thank yous:

Jane Pauley
Montel Williams
Good Morning America
CNN - Paula Zhan
Lifetime TV
The Closer
7th Heaven
Without A Trace
Extreme Home Makeover

We should be contacting new hit shows and trying to get them to have a story on autism - like the Hospital show with Patrick Dempsey on ABC Sunday nights that airs after Desperate Housewives - I just checked my tv guide and was not on this week and the name is not registering at the moment.

I think the Extreme Home Makeover shows last season - I believe there were three families that had autistic kids - they showed what autism is like on a day to day basis.

Each person can send letters to their newspapers, set a google alert on the topic of autism and see all the stories that are published daily across the country.

My ten year old wants me to call Super Nanny and have her stop his brother from screaming. I also like the Nanny 911 that is on Fox. I have Super Nanny book checked out from library and might just contact them, but would like to have my house look a little better just in case.

I think the focus needs to be realistic, not Dr.Phil or Oprah but those that have shown an interest in autism. Ellen seems more flexible, I heard Tony Danza is coming to Los Angeles next week (meaning he will be airing on here) I think the show is in NY.

In the coming months is the time to approach people to start working on stories for April - autism awareness month. Dr Phil and Oprah are working on the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

Contact magazines to write and share a story. Woman's world always has stories and in the Aug 31st issue was one on a savant kid with music talents. I have read many in that magazine over the years.

Make a video tape of your child and send it to a show or newspaper or magazine that accepts this type of data. Try health magazines for stories for April, Mothering ones and parent ones always have stories.

Also remember to write stories to submit for the Cup of Comfort - http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art34805.asp

Bonnie Sayers - Autism Editor