I talked to her teacher, and she agreed that she needs a time out sometimes. But one of the reasons is I was having a hard time is b/c my Lauryn does not get any services.. She was getting speech but that ended last year. her doctor visits are all done by me. I stopped trusting the school after they tried to give her an ADHD dx'ed. tried to "strong arm" by telling me if I did not put her on meds the were going to call DFCS on me. Well that just made me mad. So I told the school they could not give her speech anymore and that made them angry. Long story short she got her AS dx'ed. and as long as I was tking her to a doctor, DFCS said the school cannot do nothing to me.. Alot of the doctors in Savannah call my school the "country Mafia" so they are like any school in this state.
I moved her from New York 11 years ago.