Dana (LaciElements) and I had actually had this discussion over in another posting "Finding Adult Time".

I think we'd all be willing to sit for one another, if we just lived somewhat close to each other!

I saw all those orgaizations that you posted Bonnie, but is there anything out there that's like THIS? That we can talk to people and get to know them somewhat. I don't know about the other moms, but I was somewhat overprotective of Michael when he was little. I knew that so much of what he did made little sense, and would make a "normal" baby sitter mad, I didn't want him stuck in "time-out" the entire I was out having fun! Id be in guilt mode for months and never go out again. (I was very fortunate to have family).

Setting up a co-op of moms w/ autistic kids would be a good idea - we'd know what we were getting into, but I have no idea how to start one. Any ideas?

Michelle Taylor
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