You're such a sweetie <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> I said to my hubby tonight actually that us not having any alone time (dinner out, walk on the beach...etc...) is going to be our downfall. I have so much resentment for him, he teaches Martial Arts 3 days a week and goes to his friends a few times a week, which is fine, however I don't know a single person in the town where I live, other than the Autism people I deal with. I have no one talk to, no one to go for coffee or lunch with. He doesn't seem to realize that I hate having to stay at home all day, everyday. I am starting to hate him for his freedom, he does help ALOT with the kids and I know I couldn't do it alone but still I take it out on him. I get really [censored] off if I have had to clean up [censored] from Shawns room, or puke off my floor knowing that he is sitting at his friends house. I don't know how much longer we will be together. We have talked about it and have decided that if we split he will take Abby (2yrs old) because the both of them ( Shawn is 3) is too much on me right now. I don't even have a job because Shawn has his therapy 5 days a week as well as preschool, I can't find the time. Before I had them I worked 2 jobs and loved it, I loved going to work even though I was making min. wage. It was the having a reason to get up, do your hair, wear make when I get up my hair goes into a ponytail, most of the time without even brushing it first. I haven't worn make up in years and I live in sweats. I have gained like 20lbs since the kids which doesn't bother hubby but it bothers me alot. Boy do I ever sound crazy..........sorry for going on and on, I'm in a mood, hubby is teaching tonight, kids are finally in bed, and I needed to vent! Where are you from? Too bad you didn't live here, we could swap nights so we both could have a night on the town!! thanx for listening, or reading I guess...LOL