Hi Dee and welcome to the forum. Thanks for joining and posting.

When I went through the divorce and supervised visitation data in court I was told I could not move out of State unless the father agreed.

Dee and Michelle - when you were divorced from the father did you both live in the same state or already in different states? Who did the moving, you or the ex?

I really don't see us leaving CA, but am interested in knowing the hoops you need to jump through in the court system to go. I would guess that since the fathers get unsupervised visits with the kids it might not have been an issue, but maybe so?

I have not heard from him in a few weeks - he calls and I have no clue where from since I cut the caller id service last year to save a few bucks.

We have not seen him in three years so we could just move and he would not know for months.

Bonnie Sayers - Autism Editor