I have so much regret for having waited so long to get my son to treatment. Like you, I was told over and over that I was overreacting and expecting too much. Now, anytime I hear that "early intervention is best," I almost want to kick myself. I recently read something very inspirational that has helped me start healing in so many areas of my life that need help. I'm trying to get rid of that frustration and even anger that I feel at all the people who never volunteer to help take care of my son. My parents help financially in every way they can, but they don't ever ever volunteer to watch him so that I can go out. I'm the one who has to sit at home while everyone else gets dressed, goes out, and talks about it the next day. Do you have any idea how it feels to be left behind every single time??? Like you, I hadn't been to a movie or out to dinner in years. I'm now trying to change that even if I feel guilty. My entire day is spent at work trying to make ends meet, and my entire evening is spent dealing with an autistic son and with a daughter who wants desperately to run away and escape her autistic brother. Who can help us? I know how you all feel...I know how you feel. Maybe it will make you feel a tiny bit better to know that someone out there knows exactly how you feel. Trust me, if I could, I'd have watch your son for you so that you could have that much needed hot bath, dinner, glass of wine, and movie.