I can't remember which thread I posted about my yahoo group called AutismCardClub - but it was just posted on Sat so should be easy to find. Right now it is a commercial break on Y&R so cannot do much as I am putting away laundry and then have a chat to do and pick up kids.

But I am trying to get a chat for us at the site, hopefully by this coming weekend. I thought Sun at 1 pm CA time, which would be 4 pm NY time.

Anyway I got a call from my Brother yesterday before getting kids from school. It had been 10 years since we seen or spoke and he told me my Dad died. Turned out he died last Tuesday and I just find out now. Talk about family!

So he had not spoken to them in 10 years either, seems we both stopped contact when I left NJ the second time when pregnant with Matthew.

I did contact them a few months later to say I had Matthew and then not again for 2 years to say Nicholas was dx and then 4 years ago stopped contact due to negativity.

My brother just learned my kids have autism and he thought both could not talk. They found a paper in my Dad's wallet with my address on it, but no phone number. I have not move and live at the same place for 8 years with same phone number. My Brother used the internet to find my number. My Aunt is 3 years older than me, Mother's younger sister and lives in NJ - her hubby is a copy and she learned my Father died by reading the Obituary.

So I have a sister who is either 40 or 41, just turned one of those earlier this month. She is blind, has been since the age of 8 after the third brain tumor operation. She works with ARC and now the issue of a group home for her.

Also - I took over the Insurance section on Sat and have to explore life insurance for me and want to write about older adults who have disabilities and what happens to them.

Please also head over to the Insuranc forum, it is under Money but not yet listed on home page. I used another ID for that site.

Got to run and catch Y&R.

Bonnie Sayers - Autism Editor