Hi Bonnie,

Alyssa's Father and I split in 1994, I continued to live in NY until 2001. By then I had remarried and we were all on somewhat friendly terms For Alyssa's sake. Ours was a diff story though, My new husbands position was being laid off for an unknown amount of time (later found out it was 1 1/2 yrs til it was back) So in order to keep his job we did a job transfer to NC The money was too good to pass up. My ex was not happy but agreed as long as there were calls, and that in the summer she stays with him for 2 months each year. I got lucky, he could have gone to court to try to keep me there but he didnt. They do have a tight bond though so it still kills me to seperate them, but he wont move closer to her (hes not in a relationship and has no other children). So I just pray that she doesnt insist on living with him til shes wayyyyyy older. Im sry that wasnt much help though.

Id call the courts and see what you may be able to do if the need arises and if things do change. You may be able to file for different custody. Plus if he's not coming around that may be grounds to change the custody order. But I wouldnt just take off unless your sure that he cant or wont fight it, that could lead to more court and legal battles etc...

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