hi guys my name is candy and i have a 3yr old named hope who is autistic. i knew something was wrong when she was 9 months old and wouldnt do a thing.all she would do was cry and scream. i bought her to the doctors and she was into threapy and has been there ever since. hope isnt my olny child i have a 6 year old with ADHD and a 2 year old as well. hope is very violent and has a terrible temper. she is still in diapers though i am trying to get her out of them. man that is a hard thing to do. she will be startingschool this august and she will be in the special ed class. i think that is were she needs to be. she cant handle alot of people and if around a large group she has a seizure so we put her in that class do to it small size.

she can talk, she is very smart, and she remembers thing like a elephant. she has trouble putting things together in her mind though and there are times when she is have a bad day she dame near drives me crazy.she does give eye contact and affection i have had alot of people tell me that she wasnt autistic for that reason but i and the doctors think she is. she knows no danger, she will open the door for a stranger, walk across the street without looking, touch a hot stove, wonder straight into the ditch, and these are just a few things that have happened in our life.

i love hope with all my heart she shows me the innocents in life even if it is all mixed up into one big ball of stuff i know it is still there.

thanks candy

p.s. hope will be 4 in sept. 2006

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