hi,im yadira ,and my english is so bad,i speak and write spanish,but i speak english welli hope that could understand me here in the forum what im trying to say,i have a 4 years old boy isaac whit autism,he was diagnostic 2 1/2 years old he is not speaking well,we speak whit him english he understand more english than spanish and he is not able to understand what the people is saying but sometimes he understand well,he speak short words,he is like a other ''regular kid,he play,sing,use the computer,play wii,playstation etc,etc..now he is in special ed.presschool and his teacher said is good idea he go a regular presschool..,but i feel that he needs more special help,my husband say is good he go whit regular kids because he could learn to speak and progress...i dont know what to do about his school program someone could write me back please.or write me e-mail..co_madre_03@hotmail.com thank you smile

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