Hi everyone,
I am new here. I have 3 girls. The oldest (10 yrs old) has Aspergers as well as Bipolar and ADHD. Turns out my husband has all three DX as well although when I married him, we only knew about the Bipolar. It has been quite a journey. Preschool and early elementary school, with no DX, was a nightmare. I pulled her out to homeschool her after a horrible 1st grade experience. During the time she was at home with me we were able to get all the evals done and get her the therapies and meds she needed. I put her back in public school this past January. Now with official DX, the school put together a 504 plan and really worked with her. Her teacher was great. Still, her interaction with other kids was a problem. But after reading some posts on here by those with older kids who have gone on to succeed and excell in what they do, I have hope that no matter what, it will be okay. It is nice to know I have a place where I can talk to others who understand the challenges faced each day. So, hello. And I am glad to be here.

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