Sorry Bonnie, I really wasn't trying to make light of the situation, just trying to help. I have never seen Dr. Phil handle autism on his show before, but I have been impressed with his handling of family issues period. And he does seem to have a way of getting things out in the open!

My goal was to get these ladies noticed in a big way, so they could not be shunted aside by the red-tape beurocracy that seems to be happening to them so much. And also to shed some light on these desk-riding idiots that don't care about anything other than their own paycheck and 401K plan!

I'm tired of watching our brilliant, talented children be shoved aside, with no chance to discover where their talents may really lie, because no-one has the time for them. What if one of these kids has the cure for AIDS stuck somewhere in that socially sealed off brain? What are we missing out on because the government thinks they are a waste of time?

I make jokes to cover up how [censored] off I am, because I feel so helpless, because I'm one woman, of no importance, who has probably missed her chance. Well maybe these Moms haven't missed their's, so I'll risk being the butt of the joke if it might get them the attention and the support they deserve.

They at least deserve a babysitter for one night!

Michelle Taylor
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