Hi all! I am new to posting here, although I have read some stuff on here for the last month. I have 2 sons, both are hi-functioning autistic, or PDD-NOS. They are 15 & 20. The younger one is also a brittle diabetic, for 8 years now! I am a single Mom for almost 9 years, & the kids & I get NO SUPPORT SERVICES! I worked p/t until my son was diagnosed w/ diabetes. Our income is hi-end poor, we live on child support & the kids each get a small SSI benefit. No rent subsidy or food stamps, etc. Both kids have been in spec ed 4-ever! Currently, I have been trying to get recreation & respite services through the Taconic DDSO, which is under the OMR/DD, a state agency. The kids were turned down, because their IQ's are too hi! I have seen Moms w/ kids who have no problems other than the Moms were unfit or negligent get a hell of alot of services...I am getting fed-up w/ being constantly broke, socially isolated, stressed out, blah, blah, blah...I do searches on the net & find all these local agencies that are service providers, yet I can't get services cuz the DDSO has turned down my kids! I tried mainstreaming my kids in local places over the years, including youth programs at a local Salvation Army; each time it ended in disaster! Thank God my ex takes them every other weekend & lives nearby. He works for the Railroad & makes a good salary (I should try to get more child support!!!) so I guess I could be worse off. I want to see if life can be better for my kids & myself, so I figured that by posting here, we can network & help each other out! I'd love to find a local support group for other other autistic spectrum parents/families, but it doesn't seem to be in existence! I will welcome any comments, advice, etc.