Hello Bonnie and everyone else to!!! My name is Dee and as you can see I am new. I stumbled on this site after reading headlines about the 5 yr. old who died while going through chelation. I was looking around before to familiarize myself with the forum and I happened to read one of Bonnie's posts about your son going to live with his dad and your feelings on it. I have a Beautiful, intelligent and all around amazing 12 year old daughter on the spectrum,(sry, love to brag on her lol) She has already been asking when she can go live with her dad in NY (i'm in NC) He and my daughter have a close bond as she is his only child, but he has never been much of a help or support when it came to her diagnosis and learning process. He also seems to still somewhat subscribe to the same theory of "theres nothing wrong with my child", I know that someday I may have to let her go for longer than summer visits and that scares the [email]sh@#[/email] out of me. I have truely been her biggest advocate and support system and I cannot imagine life without her as well as imagining someone else being able to protect and care for her as I have. I do hope that you will make it through this horrible time, and if there is ever anything I can help with please feel free to ask <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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