Wow - I am glad I landed on this forum! My 3-yr-old just got diagnosed with autism and it is really hard to swallow - I guess I am kinda depressed about it right now. But I know it is an accurate diagnosis - he has some of the signs, but is pretty "high-functioning" I think. He makes eye contact with his parents and his sister who is 1 year older. And when we change the routine he is ok with it, doesn't do a lot of shimming (I think that is the right term), has a lot of interests and tries to interact with other kids sometimes. He is in speech therapy and once they get his paperwork all sorted he will start through the school district with ABA and speech/social skills. I just need to find a support group of other parents in our situation so we don't feel so alone. He is just such a joy to us and we want him to have a bright future, so my husband & I will have a lot of work ahead of us to make sure he gets the tools and skills he needs. Anyhow, that is my story for now, I am going to keep reading through this forum to see what other parents of kids on the spectrum are going through.