Thanks for joining Bella and posting here Linda. Glad to have another parent here. Since you are not too far from us in Los Angeles I am curious to know if you found an autistic bowling league for Mitch.

It just so happens that Matthew's class at the summer autism camp is going Bowling tomorrow. Nicholas's class went last week.

I had a bowling party this past March for Nick's 10th birthday - although we invited the entire class - 17 kids, not one showed up. There seems to be a communication gap with many of the parents not speaking English at this school. My son is the only kid who is not Latino in his class, actually all his years at this school he is the only one - about 3 kids in the whole school are Caucasian.

No one really understood what RSVP meant in the invitation and then many do not have cars. The teacher said had I provided transportation they all would have showed up.

Luckily we went two days later to Sea World so it was not too disappointing, and my son bowled two games and I was out $250.

Bonnie Sayers - Autism Editor